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About MossWinn Services


MossWinn Services is a bundle of features of the MossWinn program that are made available as a service that can be subscribed to on an annual basis, for a moderate yearly subscription fee. An alternative way to get access to features included in MossWinn Services is to purchase the DBM version license of MossWinn that offers the features free of the yearly subscription fee.


The features included


(1) Full access to the functions offered by the MossWinn Internet Database.

One of the unique features of MossWinn is its integration with an internet based database system named the MossWinn Internet Database (MIDB). A detailed description of the MIDB system is given in the publication Hyperfine Interactions 217 (2013) 117. The MIDB system was designed to be built by the contributions of its users themselves. Having full access to its features enables one to upload into the database spectra and/or fit models together with associated information such as environmental parameters, keywords and publication links, for example. This information can then be seen and utilized in various ways by MossWinn licensees all over the world, thereby realizing an efficient way of sharing of corresponding knowledge without compromising the publisher's ownership regarding the corresponding data. For the publishers of database records the publication is beneficial on the one hand because it customizes the database content in a way that improves its usefulness in their own research area, on the other hand because it represents a useful way of advertising one's own work towards colleagues working on related fields. The prerequisite of further advances in the field of database aided Mossbauer spectral analysis is obviously a database with a rich selection of suitably detailed data, which appears to be possible to build only by relying on the contributions of the community of researchers. The MIDB system was designed to handle database record numbers in the order of 105 and above, so it is readily capable to become the basis of new database functions serving the needs of database aided Mossbauer spectral analysis and more. With your contribution you are thus also supporting the development of such new, advanced database functions.

(2) Access to 57Fe Paramagnetic Hyperfine Structure models for S = 1/2...5/2.

To account for Mössbauer spectra displaying paramagnetic hyperfine structure of the Mössbauer nuclide, the combined Hamiltonian of the electronic and the nuclear system has to be considered. As the electronic state of the Mössbauer ion depends on the crystal/ligand field it is situated in, corresponding terms appear in the combined Hamiltonian that operates on product states built from electronic and nuclear basis states. In the common case when a powder sample is subjected to an external magnetic field, the need for the execution of a numerical spherical integral makes the calculation of PHS models in general rather slow. The accuracy and calculation time will increase simultaneously with the increase of resolution chosen for the spherical integral. To take advantage of the power offered by recent multicore processors, a corresponding spherical integral method was implemented in MossWinn by making use of parallel (multithreaded) computing techniques that will result in higher computing speeds on processors with a higher number of cores (or simultaneously executed threads).

(3) Access to SMOOTH MONOTONIC and SMOOTH WITH SLOPE parameter constraints in the FIT menu.

These functions, being available under the Constrain menu box, can be used to set up a versatile constraint that can ensure the smooth dependence of a fit parameter (y) on a physical parameter (x) such as the temperature of the sample, but may also model a step-like transition of a parameter as the function of another one. These options can be useful for example when during the simultaneous fit of several spectra the fitted value of a parameter shows unphysical oscillations due to the statistical noise and parameter correlations, and its value should therefore be constrained, but the possible dependence of its value on that of another parameter cannot be sufficiently well approximated with a linear dependence.

(4) Access to XLS file output options.

XLS file output options available via the headline popup menu of the spectrum windows and the PRN menu box in the main menu, as well as via the Copy menu box in the FIT menu, provide a convenient way to collect and save spectrum and/or fit result data in a single XLS file for backup, transfer, graph creation and publication purposes. Via the corresponding option of the Copy menu box in the FIT menu it is possible to make a copy of all the simultaneously fitted spectra, all the valid insight pages, the fit results in two different tabular forms as well as the fit reports associated with the current state of the fit in the form of a single XLS spreadsheet file, in which the different spectra/insight pages/tables and the fit reports appear on separate worksheet pages (example).

How it works


MossWinn licensees can request access to the features included in MossWinn Services any time via E-mail to

  • A single subscription provides access to the features for a single site, associated with a given license key, for a minimum time period of one year. Please, include in the E-mail the code of the license key for which you request access. The code is displayed in the Help menu list accessible from the main menu of the program, as shown below.

  • After the request is received, the access is granted as soon as possible, and you will receive a confirmation E-mail.
  • Payment is expected to happen in 7 days after access was granted. You can also use this time period to evaluate the service: if you don't like it, you don't need to pay.
  • When payment is received, access is granted for the paid time period. Without payment access will automatically end after the 7 days, and will be renewed only after receipt of payment.
  • On its startup MossWinn has to connect to the internet in order to check whether access to the MossWinn Services is granted. It usually takes 1-2 seconds to accomplish this task, after which the corresponding features will become available in MossWinn if subscription to the MossWinn Services was confirmed. Connection to the internet is therefore essential in order to be able to use the features included in the MossWinn Services.

Terms and Conditions


Subscription to the MossWinn Services implies acceptance of the terms and conditions that are all listed in this pdf document: MossWinn Services Terms and Conditions.